About Trojan Riding

Equine collage

Trojan Riding has been evolving for twenty years, developing both horse and rider. It is a boutique riding company, where we teach, breed, start and compete.

Breeding our own selected lines for temperament, athleticism and beauty, our horses are raised over a number of years as naturally as possible and nurtured in family groups. At home in large, varied terrain, the horses are allowed to grow and socialise.

Training Horses - A Patient Approach

These balanced youngsters are gently enhanced to accept aids, to become supple, soft champions. It takes time and patience to grow strong, healthy horses with good minds. The same careful, passionate approach is taken with clients to the Trojan philosophy.

We have a small, country property, with farm cottage accommodation available, an arena, jumps & stalls, offering a studio & home-grown food.
Trojan riders are encouraged to think, respect and enjoy the horse experience.

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