Show Century stallion - royal thoroughbred pedigreeTrojan Riding History

Herd of horsesTroy gave up a transient life of ski coaching to raise her son Oscar and started a boutique riding business of 5 horses of all colours.

Horse Breeding

Always on the look out for a handsome black (the little horse always galloping along side in her minds eye as as a child), Show Century was a classy, extremely gentle stallion with royal "thoroughbred" pedigree.

Horses in the paddockOriginally, only top class, black racing mares were used for eventing. Subsequently, the boldness and ability of Rainbow breed was spotted and introduced.

A home with a variety of grazing, spring water, large fields, plenty of hills and shelter makes for healthy, strong horses. Raised in family groups including the stallion, the offspring are weaned when mum is happy for that to happen.

Horses on a hill-top

Fourth Generation

Now on the fourth generation, all of the horses are of a consistent type; black, beautiful, gentle with floaty movement and a lofty jump.

Huge care is taken to ensure that the horses are raised with as little stress psychologically as we can, for trusting, trying attitudes.

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